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Client: Copy Paste Delete

Date: July 10, 2017


Hi, We are Copy, Paste, Delete. We do EDM and Party-Rap. Music for going out and having a good time. That's about it. Well, what else ... ? I suppose, the protocol for press releases demands that by now I should already have praised all our achievements, boasted that we are hyper-talented multi-instrumentalists, über-hardcore super- producers and what not. Well, guess what, we are not. Just making face- and soulless electronic dance music for the masses. Jokes aside, I only can say thanks again to everybody who streams, spins, buys or spreads the word and the music! That's the most important part and we are very grateful to anybody who decides to participate. All the while the self proclaimed superstar producer DJs can go and **** themselves in front of their mirrors. Man, I really despise these promo-pep-talk-larger-than-life press releases. I always ask myself who believes one word in those anyway. No offense to anyone, who actually likes or writes them. No hard feelings, ay. Sorry, but I had to get this out of my system :-) Greets, Copy, Paste, Delete