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Founded in 2015, A2B Publishing has become a strong force in the world of music publishing and is now the home of a wide variety of songwriters and producers. Operating in all music genres, A2B Publishing is a specialist in song and top line placement for international pop artists and DJ/ producers through a variety of major as well as independent labels.

A2B Publishing is an independent company based in The Netherlands. We do not concern ourselves with genre, styles or trends. Instead we choose to promote quality, creative and energetic electronic music and artists. We are looking for new music created by artists who are capable to create fresh, emotional charged music. There is an undeniable link between the artist, his instruments, and the energy that surrounds us. We call it the vibe we are looking for.

The mission of A2B Publishing is simple: manage quality musicians in a creative environment! Our roster hosts musicians who are upcoming talents or well respected artist from all around the world. Specialized in quality (dance) music in both the underground and commercial tracks we are always interested in a good artist.

The company is the brainchild of Bram van Houtum, who is highly experienced in music management and (online)marketing aspects. With a long running career of working for, with and on behalf of some of the biggest recording artists, performing artists and high profile record companies, he injects one decade of versatile music management and marketing experience in one brand new company: A2B Publishing!