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Founded in 2015, A2B Publishing has become a strong force in the world of music publishing and is now the home of a wide variety of songwriters and producers. Operating in all music genres, A2B Publishing is a specialist in song and top line placement for international pop artists and DJ/ producers through a variety of major as well as independent labels.

A2B Publishing is an independent company based in The Netherlands. We do not concern ourselves with genre, styles or trends. Instead we choose to promote quality, creative and energetic electronic music and artists. We are looking for new music created by artists who are capable to create fresh, emotional charged music. There is an undeniable link between the artist, his instruments, and the energy that surrounds us. We call it the vibe we are looking for.

The mission of A2B Publishing is simple: manage quality musicians in a creative environment! Our roster hosts musicians who are upcoming talents or well respected artist from all around the world. Specialized in quality (dance) music in both the underground and commercial tracks we are always interested in a good artist.

The company is the brainchild of Bram van Houtum, who is highly experienced in music management and (online)marketing aspects. With a long running career of working for, with and on behalf of some of the biggest recording artists, performing artists and high profile record companies, he injects one decade of versatile music management and marketing experience in one brand new company: A2B Publishing!




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Happy Artists

The best quality on the publishing market

We Create

We work around the clock to support our artists for developing their skills and sound.

We Administrate

A2B Publishing guarantees an effective method for the flow of royalties to our artists.

We develop

We have a reputation of being spot-on to pitching our content.

We Deliver

We deliver the product at all right societies making everything runs as smoothly as possible!


The expertise of A2B Publishing is simple: manage quality musicians in a creative environment! Our roster hosts musicians who are upcoming talents or well respected artists from all around the world. A2B Publishing is specialized in quality underground and commercial (dance) music. We are always interested in a good lyricist, artist or composer.


Safeguard Intellectual Property
Asset Register Queries
Registering Copyrights
External Research & Consultancy

Financial Control

Derive Maximum Revenue
Royalty Control
License queries & Claims
Collecting Monies Due

Other Services

Client Training
Business advisory
Negotiate (license) Deals

Innovative Methods

Quality Services

Excellent result


Read our success stories of creative artists and authors in the music industry.

Four reasons why we can make your life easier so you can focus on the thing that matters most: being creative!

With over 15 years of experience in the music industry we have build up a good network of composers and Lyricists which we bring together to make the best creative products!

The creative industry is a fast moving product, due to that our mission is to move fast in a professional and quality way. We try to keep direct contacts with our artists and partners.

We work with a small team of artists on an exclusive basis. We feel that investing in quality personal relations is more important than working with a large number of artists.

Everybody who works at A2B has experience as a producer, deejay or being an artist. We know exactly what the needs are of you (and the things you normally hate about companies)!


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